Borocare Neem cream



Borocare Antiseptic Cream is used to protect skin against negative effects of the environment, to prevent flabbiness and dimness of the skin.

Borocare cream nourishes the skin and makes it elastic and fresh looking. The cream is also used for fast healing of scratches, boils, cold sores, burns, cuts, ulcers, cracks, rashes and itches.
Instructions for Use: apply thin layer of cream on the skin and rub. Use 3 times a day to achieve good results.

Components:ointment base, fragrance, Dugdha Pashana, Jasada Bhasma, Ghritakumari, Tankan Amla, Wheat Germ Oil, Jatanamasi, Tulsi, Narikel Tel, Haridra, Shimul Bark, Neem.


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