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Immunozin Capsules™ boost the body immune system and protects against a variety of ailments. Immunozin Capsules™ help in management of immunogenic diseases including diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and sickle cell.
Immunozin capsules™ is a combination of equal amounts of crude extracts of Guiera senegalensis, Allium sativum, Azadirachta indica and Balanites aegytiaca. Contain flavonoidal, tannic and phenolic anti-oxidants which are known for their antisickling and immunomodulatory properties.

Major Indications

Sickle Cell Disorder: Reduction of crisis and painful episodes.

Immunozin capsules has been clinical proven to reduce rate of crisis and painful episodes in sickle cell warriors. It helps in improving the clinical features of sickle cell disorder. It inhibits polymerization of the red blood cells from occurring thus prevents the cascade of events that lead to crisis, painful episodes and other features of sickle cell anemia.

Components of Immunozin Capsules™ have been shown to drastically reduce incidences of vaso-occlusive crisis and painful episodes by inhibiting polymerization and sickling of the red blood cells. It is also able to reduce the downstream effects by preventing the endothelial nitric oxide synthase decoupling and mopping up of reactive oxygen species that lead to adhesion and vaso-occlusive crisis.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Reduction of inflammation and arthritic pains.

Very effective in management of menopausal, pregnancy and other arthritis symptoms related to hormonal changes.


Increase in interferon gamma secretion helps in suppression of intercellular pathogens. Thus boosts CD4 count in Immune compromised patients.


Adults > 14 years: 2 Immunozin Capsules twice daily

Children 5-14 years: 1 Immunozin Capsule: twice daily

Infants (1 to 4yrs): 1 capsule poured into 5ml of vitamin b complex syrup twice daily.


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